Red Giant VFX Primatte Keyer 6.0.1

Red Giant VFX Primatte Keyer 6.0.1 MacOS | 249.4 MB

Fast, Automatic Chroma keying

Instantly Remove Green Screen
Whether you are using a green screen or blue screen, Primatte Keyer’s Auto Compute Algorithms can often pull a perfect key automatically.

The Best User Experience and the Best Results
Red Giant VFX Primatte Keyer new user interface makes it easy to select your background and foreground, and to separate them out for a great key. Primatte’s cleanup tools help make it look solid without much additional effort.

GPU Optimized
Primatte Keyer has always made the keying process faster by just being more intuitive and easier to use than any other keying tool out there. Now, with GPU optimization, you’ll get even more speed, with previews and renders up to 3x faster than in previous versions.

User Interface (NEW)
Primatte Keyer 6’s new, streamlined user interface makes it even easier to modify your key than previous versions.

Spill Killer
Often your chroma background will reflect some of its color back on to your foreground elements, leaving unwanted color on your subject. Primatte Keyer’s Spill Killer tools remove any of the stubborn green and blue spill not removed in a key.

Core Matte (NEW)
Sometimes you have to fight a battle between keeping most of your subject opaque while also maintaining soft or partially transparent edges. Utilizing the luminance in your foreground, Primatte Keyer’s Core Matte tool can keep the inside of your key solid, while still preserving fine semi-transparent details on the edges.

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